Brooke Chesnut Photo Member #: 98
Member Year: 2016
Brooke Chesnut
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Climbed all Colorado 14,000 ft. peaks, Have successfully summited 5 of the World's 7 Summits, Back Country ski all winter to experience first decents in Eagle & Pitkin County in Colorado.


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Successfully climbed, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Aconcagua in Argentina, Denali in North America, Elbrus in Europe and Vinson in Antartica  - only Everest in Asia and Kosiesko in Australia remain to complete the Seven Summits of the World - stay tuned!


Memories From First Climb
Absolutely loved my first AdAmAn climb because the camaraderie was so special with all these amazing men & women.  It was great to hang out at Barr Camp, eat good food and then go fo the summit the next day.  Also enjoyed bringing my Mirror to Treeline and flash the COS community to let them know we are almost there.  Then to be treated so well on the summit with food, soups, desserts and rest before the fireworks began.  I really liked shooting the flares over the slopes with wind gusts of 90 mph to make it even more spectacular.  Then the jeeps arrive to take us down and we are so grateful for their commitment to our safety and well being.  Thank you AdAmAn for all that you DO!!!
Memories From First Member Year
What a treat to be named the new member and to Lead the group to the Top of Pikes Peak.  There is so much to be thankful for but I remember the feeling of finally belonging to this group after being a guest for 7 years prior.  Will never forget it.
Memories of Family
No other members of my family are part of the Club.
Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners
No memories of the forebearers
Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
My favorite Mountain is Mt. Everest. Having spent 8 weeks there in 2018, I learned so much about the team, the Nepalese people and myself......I can't wait to go back!
Memories of Favorite Gear
My favorite gear continues to be warm gloves, great fitting boots and of course protective eyewear. All of these pieces are so important for success on any mountain.
Memories of Worst Gear Failure
I mistakenly removed my gloves for just seconds at 25,000 ft. on Mt. Everest. Two days later the tips of my ring & pinkies on both hands turned black. It din't hurt but the Drs. at Base Camp basically kicked me off the mountain to save my fingers. Although is was really hard to leave, it was the right decision.