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Member Year: 2013
Nick Baki
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Nick Baki has been a full-time parent for many years now, and his community involvement has been limited to supporting his daughter's ballet habit for 9 years, as well as his son's baseball and bowling endeavors for 4 years.
Occupation Summary
Pool and Fountain Specialist and skilled maintenance tech for the City of Colorado Springs
AdAmAn Service
-Barr camp aid station support during Pike's Peak Ascent and Marathon with members and guests -Trail maintenance/rebuilding with members and guests, in conjunction with Friends of The Peak -Carpentry contractor for Barr Camp storage shed project
Playing guitar at a very novice level, downhill skiing, fishing, Mtn. Biking, and in the very near future, SCUBA!
Climbing Experience Summary
Nick Baki has climbed the 100 highest mountains, also known as the Centennial Peaks, in Colorado. As part of the AdAmAn club, he has ascended Pike's Peak eleven times. He has also ascended Pike's Peak while running during the Pike's Peak Ascent twice, and also he has hiked the round trip.


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail
Sadly, no further details to report.
Occupation Detail
I currently operate in a plumbing/electrical/mechanical capacity for City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural services.  Specifically, I have direct responsibility for the mechanical operation of all city-owned pools, fountains, and spray grounds, in addition to monitoring water quality for fountains and spray grounds during run season.  I have indirect responsibility for parks related plumbing and electrical maintenance, including installation and repair, infrastructure locating, and backflow assembly prevention and testing.

I have a diverse building trades background, having worked for more than twenty years to date (October 2020) in the fields carpentry, plumbing, electrical, aquatic infrastructure and tile work as they relate to commercial and residential construction, remodel and maintenance work.

Climbing Experience Detail
Since August 1992, I've been part of mountaineering by beginning the Centennial peaks on a thirteener called Casco Peak.  The following year, I also began technical rock climbing (both indoors and outdoors), and have over the years made many route ascents in areas of Garden of The Gods, Eleven Mile Canyon, Red Rocks Open Space, and Moab, Utah. My heaviest climbing period began in the fall of 1999, through the fall of 2007.  During that period, I climbed 83 of the Centennial Peaks, including 38 thirteeners and 45 fourteeners. I also climbed Mt. Whitney out in California - the highest point in the lower 48 states. Climbing progress slowed significantly once marriage and family responsibilities took over, beginning in 2008. I was finally able to complete the Centennial Peaks on September 1st, 2019, with my great friend and fellow AdAmAn Bob Sommers in what can only be described as one of the greatest hiking trips of my life.  My climbing goals now extend only to re-climbing mountains with my kids, friends and family, and staying in shape for our annual AdAmAn climb.


Memories From First Climb
Having been born and raised in Colorado Springs with the tradition of watching the club from a very young age, I was always enthralled by watching this very unique tradition.  I had no idea that, in the summer of 2002 I would not only meet Paul Bjork on a climbing trip, but I would be offered a chance to climb with the club.  While I did not make the climb the first year I applied, the second year was a different story.  One of my most vivid memories regarding my first climb was when then-president Ted Lindeman called me at the eleventh hour and offered me a spot on the climb - it was one of the most exciting bits of news I had received up to that point in my life!  Most of the rest of my first climb with the club ran much like any of the rest of the climbs have.  However, one other memory from the summit has stuck with me all these years.  Once we had all safely summitted and prepared the fireworks, and at the point late in the evening when we all had bloodshot eyes and were getting a little punchy, someone had the brilliant idea to race wheelchairs around the summit house for the grand prize of a stale summit donut - absolutely priceless!  I've been hooked ever since...
Memories From First Member Year
My new member year was one of the most challenging climbs for me because (surprise surprise!) I had contracted bronchitis about a week-and-a-half before and was still on the mend.  I finished my course of antibiotics on climb day one and needed to constantly have a cough drop in my mouth to keep from hacking out a lung on the way to Barr Camp.  Day two was challenging, as always, and in my less-than-ideal condition, after we reached the top I slept on the summit for the first time -  for about three hours!  I believe Cindy Bowles even captured a picture of my rendezvous with Mr. Sandman, sound asleep with my head down on one of the cafe tables, not unlike a college student who barely made it to class after a quality night of over-imbibement.
Memories of Family
Ever since 2007, my wife and children, mother and in-laws have accompanied me to the kickoff breakfast and Barr trailhead to see us as we have begun our climb.  I know this has been the case for many members and guests, past and present. This gathering and familial fellowship is just as important to our climb as any other aspect.  We are all one big family in this tradition, and to see the faces of so many loved ones send us off up the trail each year is an enormous morale boost!
Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners
Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
Dallas Peak is one of a handful of Colorado's Centennial Peaks in which ropes are necessary going up and coming down. The rappel from Dallas' summit was the most memorable part of any climb I've ever had; for as I was slowly sliding down the rope with my legs propped against a completely vertical granite wall, I glanced to my left and gazed upon the whole town of Telluride, and as I glanced to my right I viewed the entirety of the valley that houses the cities of Ridgway and Montrose. Unforgettable!
Memories of Favorite Gear
One of my all-time favorite pieces of gear was a Mountain Light Jacket made by The North Face in the mid-1990's, which even back then was a $350 piece of equipment. I lost this jacket on a climb in 2004, when it fell from my backpack. When I discovered it had fallen off, I backtracked MILES to try to find it. Sadly, it became a donation to the Willow Lake area near Kit Carson Peak. Hopefully it lived out the rest of its life as a shelter for homeless marmots or some other worthy cause...
Memories of Worst Gear Failure