Wally Wininger Photo Member #: 94
Member Year: 2012
Wally Wininger
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Wally Wininger has served his community through various organizations primarily tied to his military service. He donates time and resources to numerous and varied organizations that assist others in need.
Occupation Summary
Wally Wininger served 30 years in the United States Army and has served 11 years as a Department of the Army Civilian at Fort Carson, Colorado
AdAmAn Service
Guest Climber 2003-2011, Member Climber 2012-2019, community volunteer 2003-2019
reading, trail running, hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, camping, spending time with family
Climbing Experience Summary
Wally Wininger has climbed approximately half of Colorado’s recognized fourteeners as well as numerous other non-technical mountains in the United States and around the world


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail
Wally Wininger focuses on supporting organizations and non-profits that help others.  This support includes support to the military, their families, or others in need.  He also enjoys supporting organizations that highlight the outdoors such as the National Park Foundation, the Colorado Trail Foundation, and the Continental Divide Trail Society.  His favorite community activities are those where he works alongside his wife, Robin, with groups such as Cowgirls Against Cancer.
Occupation Detail
Wally Wininger faithfully served the Army wherever called over the course of his active duty military career.  As an infantry officer, he had the privilege of leading and commanding soldiers at all levels from platoon through brigade.  He served in various capacities on company, battalion, brigade, division, Department of the Army, and combatant command assignments.  Since his retirement from uniformed service, Wally has been blessed with the opportunity to continue serving soldiers at Fort Carson Colorado where he works with the Forces Command civilian workforce preparing units for training, overseas deployment, and unit recovery upon mission accomplishment.
Climbing Experience Detail
Most of Wally Wininger’s climbing has been on Pikes Peak in both summer and winter conditions.  Over the course of his military career Wally took advantage of moving frequently and was able to climb mountains and hike numerous trails to include parts of the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail, and enjoy the outdoors in California, New York, Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, the Republic of Korea, and Spain.  Since uniformed retirement he has continued to climb Colorado’s fourteeners and other mountains, as well as hike the Colorado Trail in both directions and the Continental Divide National Trail in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. He has also enjoyed climbs and hikes in Arizona to include segments of the Arizona Trail.   


Memories From First Climb
It was an exceptionally mild year on my first climb.  I remember having lunch at A Frame on the second day, doing some mirror flashing, and as we finished that years climb, thinking to myself, well, this is not very hard.  Little did I know then that on most years, the weather can be much more difficult, in numerous and varied ways.  The AdAmAn experience has taught me much about respect for nature, especially above tree line.
Memories From First Member Year
I remember concentrating on getting to the top of Pikes Peak.  That was my mission, get the climbers to the top of Pikes Peak and get them there well before dark.  My pace was not the best for group cohesion, so the club members just let me get out in front and break trail and after I wore myself out eased up behind me and helped me complete the climb.
Memories of Family
It has always been emotionally fulfilling to have breakfast before the annual climb with my mom, wife, and daughters.  This time together has created a family tradition of a shared experience that I have immensely enjoyed. 
Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners
Ed Kirches presented me with a 10th Mountain Division shoulder insignia and told me he was passing the club 10th Mountain climbing member roll to me.  I was honored to be asked to do this from such a respected AdAmAn member as well as 10th Mountain veteran.  Ted Lindeman, through his number of annual AdAmAn climbs teaches us all a thing or two about dedication, loyalty, and commitment.
Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
While stationed at Fort Drum NY I climbed Mount Mansfield, VT with my wife Robin. The weather was perfect and we had a fantastic picnic lunch on top with views of Lake Champlain. A perfect day!
Memories of Favorite Gear
I climbed Pikes Peak for many AdAmAn annual climbs in my trusty military boots. Bill Slaughter introduced me to Garmont boots, and these have been warm, light, and very comfortable. Great boots. Thank you Bill!
Memories of Worst Gear Failure
Nothing worse than having your water froze solid before Bottomless Pit turn-off on day two of the climb. After this happened a couple of times where I had no fluids the rest of the climb, decided it was time to invest in a couple of Hydro Flasks. Day two is so much better when one has the ability to take in fluids along the climb.