Bill Slaughter Photo Member #: 91
Member Year: 2009
Bill Slaughter
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Bill was a past Chairman of the Board for Barr Camp. Bill served on the Board of Directors of the Catamount Institute. Bill Served on the Board of Directors of the Trails and Open Spaces Coalition. Trip leader for the Colorado Mountain Club
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Bill Slaughter served in the Air Force from 1967 to 1987 and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Worked as the Technical Documentation and Training Manager for GTE in Colorado Springs from 1987-1991. Owner and CEO of Stuff-fits Sports and Travel Luggage, Colorado Springs 1991-2002 Outreach Manager at REI, Colorado Springs, 2002-2014
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Bill served on the committee to review the climbing experience of Adaman club applicants.
Physical fitness. Landscaping.
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  While in the Air Force, he regularly lectured to military and civilian groups on fitness and nutrition and wrote articles in military publications throughout the world.  He was Officer-in-Charge of the Cadet Mountaineering club at the Air Force Academy from 1977 to 1982 where he taught classes in rock and ice climbing, alpine and winter mountaineering, and ski mountaineering.  Bill is certified as a Fitness Specialist and trained as a Personal Fitness Trainer by the internationally respected Cooper Institute in Dallas Texas. .  He is a past Chairman of the Board of the Pikes Peak Challenge Foundation and helped plan and lead that organization’s annual hike up Pikes Peak for brain-injured survivors for 16 years.  Bill was on the Board of Directors for Barr Camp where he spearheaded all fundraising activities for the restoration and capital improvement of this important local public service facility. Bill retired from REI where he worked as the Outreach Coordinator for the Colorado Springs  store.  At age 77, he  actively pursues adventurous activities such as Treking in the Peruvian Alps and bikepacking the Great Divide Mountain Biking Route from Canada to Mexico.

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