Chuck Fogleman Photo Member #: 90
Member Year: 2008
Chuck Fogleman
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Clinical Club Grace Episcopal Church First Lutheran Church
Occupation Summary
US Navy Flight Surgeon - USS Midway, Japan (now a museum in San Diego) Group practice, ophthalmology - Albuquerque Private practice - Colorado Springs (1987 - 2014)
AdAmAn Service
Skiing, backpacking, climbing, flying
Climbing Experience Summary
Mt Rainier (2) Grand Teton (2) Mt Moran Mt Shasta Mt Assiniboine (Canada) Mount of the Holy Cross (2) Mt Princeton Mt Yale others


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  Oculoplastic Surgery

Climbing Experience Detail


Memories From First Climb


  Good time but confusing. All activities follow an unspoken schedule so takes a while to break the code. Fun year trying to figure out the "volleyball" .

Memories From First Member Year


  Was lost much of the time. Bill Slaughter really led that climb.

Memories of Family

  Parents came to visit one year. Betty Magee came to the breakfast to sit with us. She was a patient and friend.

Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners

  My Adaman family tree comes from the Sommers who recruited Ryer Hitchcock who brought me along.


Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
My second time on Mt Rainier was with a friend Exum climbing guide as well as with a good doctor friend. Good fellowship plus a well planned and executed climb. This was much different from first climb led by Jay Budnick when we were always making it up as we went along. But to Jay's credit, we made it ahead of the other parties and enjoyed ourselves, especially after we got down. Think mountain memories are about the people, as it is with the Club.
Memories of Favorite Gear
Memories of Worst Gear Failure
When leaving Barr Camp one year, discovered I had 2 right gloves. Luckily, that was a good year so could wear lighter gloves and forget trying to keep wrong glove on the left hand.