Dave Hunting Photo Member #: 87
Member Year: 2005
Dave Hunting
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Rev. Hunting besides being the pastor to his congreations has also been actively involved in supporting the communties he has served. He is on the Board of Directors for both religious and secular entities and has performed both weddings, baptisms and funerals for AdAmAn members over the years.
Occupation Summary
Rev. David L. Hunting (aka TallRev) is an Ordaind Clergyman for over 40 years. He has served churches in Arizona, California and most recently before his retirement at the The Historic Community Congregational Church in Manitou Springs, Colorado.
AdAmAn Service
Guest Climber - 1998-2004 Member - 2005
Hiking, Astronomy, Reading, Grandchildren, Husband of 40+ years!
Climbing Experience Summary
TallRev began his climbing 14ers on his delayed honeymoon on Mt. Sneffels in 1978. Since then he has summited 16 other peaks in Colorado.


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Chaplain and 2nd Foreman - Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Department

Public Information Officer - Manitou Springs Fire Department

Restorative Justice Council, Manitou Springs

Past President - Manitou Springs Economic Development Council

Past President - Westside CARES Eccumenical Ministry

Former Board of Directors - Manitou Springs Arts Council

Former Board of Directors - Historic Preservation Council

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Climbing Experience Detail
Climbing 14ers be it with family or friends has always been an adventure for Dave, be it in the dead of winter or with warm breezes.  The one disadvantage being 6'6'' tall is that in a lightening storm people tend to gather around him assuming he'll be the first on struck!  Given his profession as a clergyman, there have been more than a few sermons preached from his pulpits on the "higher calling" experienced above timberline.  


Memories From First Climb
What an honor it was to hike along side such a diverse and interesting group of people from all backgrounds and professions.  To help set off fireworks from America's Mountain on New Year's Eve was a moment filled with patriotism and profound joy!
Memories From First Member Year

It has now become a part in a long line of AdAmAn lore.  The year TallRev lost the sacred leather "Book."  Not the Bible mind you, but the official record of members and guests who participate in the Club’s annual climb and functions.  Tradition holds that the newest member of the AdAmAn Club is responsible for taking care of “The Book” during their first official year.  For me as the newest member in 2005 that began with the traditional pre-climb breakfast at the church I was serving in Manitou Springs.  It’s always a time for good fellowship and last minute checks of gear and backpacks. 


After breakfast while everyone took off to the Barr Trailhed to start the climb, I still had to make sure all the lights were turned off and doors locked before catching up with them.  In my haste, I threw “The Book” on top of my Jeep while loading in the backpack.  I then raced down the street forgetting that "The Book" was still on  the roof.


It was a pleasant day getting up to Barr Camp on the first leg of our climb.  Once settled into the lower cabin I began looking through my backpack for “The Book” so everyone could sign in.  To my horror it was nowhere to be found!  Panic quickly set in!  Frantically searching through all my gear for a third time I thought… This will be the shortest new member inducted in AdAmAn Club history, if “The Book” isn’t found!  Maybe I could salvage an old National Geographic on mountains from the Barr Camp collection and have people sign it instead!  How am I going to explain losing the sacred “Book” to everyone?  With sweat pouring dowm my face I looked down below from my position to see every member of the climb that day gazing up with amused expressions on their faces. 


I was the most pathetic soul at Barr Camp that afternoon!  Finally someone spoke up saying, “OK everyone, TallRev has suffered enough!”  With that Jack Donley raised his hand holding up for everyone to see - “The Lost Book”!  Turns out his angelic wife Doris, while driving back from seeing the AdAmAn Club off that morning, discovered “The Book” lying in the middle of Ruxton Avenue where it had fallen off the roof of my Jeep. She promptly called her husband on his cell phone.  Jack immediately turned around to retrieve it into his safe keeping.  Also turned out that the AdAmAn Club while hiking up the trail that morning had quietly told each other about this fiasco - except me!  Not until an appropriate period of repentance had past from my pathetic position up there in the upper bunk at Barr Camp was I told!


There was good humor and camaraderie for the rest of the night and climb that year, and ever since new AdAmAn Club members are now always reminded – “Don’t Lose the Book!” It's what makes the AdAmAn Club so special.  We always have each others backs.. and "The Book!"

It was a deep honor and thrill to be the 87th AdAmAn that year.  It also seemed appropriate being the clergyman amongst the group that I bring along something inspirational.  So at every milepost I passed from the front of the line to the back a strand of sacred scripture on a simple piece of paper for each climber to keep and read.  Here are just a few of them from the Book of Psalms -  "I will lift up my eyes to the mountains, from where does my help come?" "Thy righteousness is like the great mountains." From the prophet Isaiah - "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news." From the Gospel of Matthew - "Jesus went up into the mountains and he began to teach them saying... Blest are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."  I continue to count my fellow AdAmAn colleagues as forever faithful friends and keepers of "The Book!"

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