Clifford (Cliff) Donnelly Photo Member #: 84
Member Year: 2002
Clifford (Cliff) Donnelly
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Community Activity Summary
Cliff has been active in diverse segments of the community. Including serving at the first chairperson for the board of directors for Barr Camp. He also has served on the boards of the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts and other entities. Currently his focus is serving as a deacon at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Colorado Springs as well as a high level of engagement in both prison and jail ministry.
Occupation Summary
Cliff's primary occupation has been leading both regional and national sales teams in the telecommunications sector while teaching both full and part time at various higher education institutions. He is currently an ordained deacon in the Catholic Church and is the Director of Prison and Jail Ministry for the Diocese of Colorado Springs
AdAmAn Service
Served as Secretary and Treasurer for several years as well as responsible for gathering data and such for annual climb list for both members and guests.
Primarily interested in hiking.
Climbing Experience Summary
Cliff has summited the 101 highest mountains in Colorado as well as summiting Mount Rainier, Mount Whitney and Popocatépetl in Mexico. He has also summited many other peaks both within the State of Colorado and throughout the United States. He has completed the Colorado Trail as well as the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


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Memories From First Climb
It was cold.  Come to think about it, they have all been cold!
Memories From First Member Year
Colorado Springs was covered with clouds and we were not able to shoot the fireworks off at midnight, so, we shot them right before dawn on New Years Day.  
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