Dan Stuart Photo Member #: 82
Member Year: 2000
Dan Stuart
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Dan served the Pikes Peak region and the State of Colorado in many capacities over the years. He represented local governments and elected officials, and served on numerous non-profit Boards. He worked to advance the arts, our schools, those less fortunate, as well as both the natural environment and political environment. He served eight years on the Manitou Springs City Council, with two terms as Mayor. He also served eight years on the Colorado Transportation Commission, with a term as Chairman.
Occupation Summary
Dan practiced law for more than 40 years in Colorado Springs with Alpern Myers Stuart LLC.
AdAmAn Service
Club President commencing January 1, 2018, initiating the planning of the Club Centennial projects. Vice President for several years before that. Wrote the words to The AdAmAn Song. Found a volleyball in the woods at Barr Camp in the mid-1990’s and helped maintain the annual “how long can we keep it in the air” tradition for decades.
Community Service and raising goats, which sometimes feels like the same thing
Climbing Experience Summary
Dan has climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers, several multiple times, as well as a handful of high 13ers.


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail

As Mayor, Dan encouraged the creation of the Manitou Art Center and started the community wide effort to restore the mineral springs.  As President of the Mineral Springs Foundation, he directed the creation of 7 Minute Spring Park in Manitou Springs.  Dan chaired the effort to form the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority (PPRTA) as well as campaigns to fund improvements to downtown Manitou Springs and the Manitou School District.  For nearly forty years, he has also organized an annual tree planting project that has, to date, added nearly 15,000 seedlings to the foothills west of Colorado Springs.

Dan remarked, “I’ve worked to build community and to convince others that investing in the future of our communities is not only a good thing, it’s an essential thing if the generations that follow us are to have hope.” 

Occupation Detail
Climbing Experience Detail

Dan climbed his first 14er on his 20th birthday, several years before he moved to Colorado, and was hooked.  Although it took him twenty years to climb them all, he considered 14ers a great way to explore what were then remote parts of Colorado.  His favorite hikes are those with his family.

His grown children started him rock climbing when he was in his 50s.  He wishes he’d started sooner.

The 2010 climb with the Club was one of his most memorable.


Memories From First Climb

John Graham, at that time the president of the Club, encouraged me to apply for my first climb in 1990. I was sponsored by Ed Kirches.  I recall being welcomed by the group like an old friend.  I especially enjoyed climbing with the older members of the club, feeling just two or three degrees of separation from the Frozen Five.  Watching Jim Bates, hike back and forth with his camera, covering twice as much ground as the rest of us, was a lesson in preparation and endurance.

When we reached the A-Frame, Ralph Sanchez, a friendly, talkative guest, slipped and fell hard on the ice, cracking a couple of his ribs.  In much pain, he was evacuated.  That evening, in the summit house, Ryer Hitchcock presided over skits and songs.  Someone’s bright idea was to have Ed Kirches, Jack Donley, Hank Worley, and me, the four lawyers along that year, present a skit imagining what Ralph’s lawsuit against the club would be like.  I played Ralph in a wheelchair.  I was glad he hadn’t stayed around that evening to get any ideas.

 I recall my first venture outside after dark on the summit.  Not only was it crystal clear, but a blue moon had risen over Colorado Springs, making that day feel all the more special. I walked to the north end of the COG tracks and was surprised at how close the lights of Denver appeared.  It was spectacular. 

Memories From First Member Year

Just before the climb in 2000, my brother-in-law, Ben Kuckel, presented me with a painting that he’d done of fireworks over Pikes Peak.  When I became president of the club, I started presenting it each year as a “traveling trophy” to the new member.  

More recently, when we began fundraising for our centennial projects, Ben presented the Club with a substantial matching gift in memory of my sister, Raynelle.  His gift really helped encourage other donors.

Memories of Family

This club celebrates family.  Every annual dinner and send-off breakfast feels like a large family gathering.  Having my family turn out for those events has always been special.

I’ve been very fortunate to climb with both of my sons.  My son, Tyler, started climbing at age 19 and became the new member in 2019.  His involvement probably kept me going years longer than I might have otherwise.  It was another treat when my son, David, was able to climb with us in 2014.

Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners

One favorite memory is hiking behind Bob Stafford when he reached the summit the year after he’d had both knees replaced.  His joy was inspiring.  Another year, I recall being behind Bill Lloyd when he slipped off the trail near the traverse and started to slide down the mountain. We were able to pull him back up to the trail.  The club started recommending traction after that year.  

Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
Memories of Favorite Gear
Memories of Worst Gear Failure
After a couple of climbs with frozen water bottles above the A-Frame on December 31, I started keeping heavy socks around the bottles in my pack. I don’t know if that kept them warmer, or whether we’ve just been lucky with warmer climbs, but the bottles haven’t frozen since.