Tim Stafford Photo Member #: 80
Member Year: 1998
Tim Stafford
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Volunteer with local animal shelter
Occupation Summary
Middle school math and elective teacher. Working for Jefferson County School district in Lakewood CO. Prior to teaching I was working for the data storage industry. We manufactured the reading and writing data onto tape storage.
AdAmAn Service
Hiking, Biking, (any trial, time), spending time with family. Recently ceramics - pottery
Climbing Experience Summary
Started hiking young with father and family. Learned to love hiking and making summits. Continued to climb 13 ers and 14 ers for years. Always look forward to the trail time, the time to connect to the outdoors and with others.


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail
At the shelter presently performing dog kennel cleaning and dog walks.
Occupation Detail
Busy instilling confidence in these young students. Recently my class has become a hands on project building class. Here I teach tools and safety and then challenge the students with various projects. These include mechanics, electronics, codeing and 3D design.
Climbing Experience Detail
Climb approximately 40 of Colorado's 14,000 ft peaks.  As an adult I found the 14 ers more crowded than I liked. Switched to climbing other peaks (13 ers) that offered similar climbing challenges. Most of my climbing has been here in Colorado.

Climbed the big 3 volcanos in Mexico. Also climbed two of the seven summits: Kilimanjaro in Kenya and Aconcagua in Argentina.

Recently I enjoy hiking on the Section 16 trails in Colorado Springs and all the hiking trails in Boulder including Mesa trail, Royal Arch, Shadow Canyon, Green Mtn, Sanitas. 

I can hike the same trail each week. Getting out regularly is a good goal.


Memories From First Climb
This was when I was a young teenage. Probably driving age.  My youth helped me with strength but I lacked experience.  

The biggest memory is of the Barr Camp condition.  It was not maintained and in the winter you could feel the cold and wind through the board siding.  The camp was full of plastic film sheets covering windows that lacked glass and there was plastic attempting to separate the cabin into rooms.  At that time there was not meal provided as we have it today. Each climber or pair brought there own camp stove.  We cooked indoors and every now and then a stove would erupt in a small ball of flame. Exciting times. There was a lot of snow and of course we had a great camp fire outside. The climbers talked about the year and memories of days gone by.  It was a fun time where the camp was primitive compared to now. 

I do not recall much of the second climb day.  I do recall the camaraderie of the group as they support each other getting to the summit. 

The summit was great. Indoors! And observing the fireworks setup for the first time. Filling-Shoveling metal firework boxes with sand around the tubes. I do not recall how the fireworks were ignited except it was nothing like our modern system. Happy New Years and even a ride down the mountain with the 4 wheel drive club!

Memories From First Member Year
Leading the crew on the trail was such an honor.  The first day was slow and easy.  The second day is so much fun! Mirror flashing to the Colorado Springs people then A frame lunch.  Lost the trail once or twice, no big deal.  Then the big traverse across the face, the Circ and the 16 stairs! What fun it was and a privilege to lead all of us. 

On top we prepared the fireworks and trailer.

Then it was the show:

To be include in the AdAmAn club and be allowed to help fire the fireworks for the show was a dream. 

Memories of Family
Definitely Hanging out at the Lindeman house as a young lab around 9-10 years old.

Watched Dr. Lindeman and my dad dress up in bee protective gear and work on the Lindeman's bee hive.

They also had a primitive no safety zip line. Your hands held you on, that's it.  If you let go you paid a price. Your feet were the bakes. Lift your feet and absorb the impact as you rush into the lower landing's tree. 

Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners
Growing up visiting the Lindeman family. 

Still as a youngster I remember going to AdAmAn dinners, breakfasts. 

The most exciting to me was the December 30th morning sendoff. There were horse then that carried up the climbers sleeping bags.

It was a great time for us kids to see the climber leave to go climb that big mountain!

From this interaction with the club, I got to know many family incluging the Grahams, Lindemans, Pierces, Sommers and others.

Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
Favorite Mountain is of course Pikes Peak. However, one of my other favorites is Grizzley Peak just off Greys and Torreys. This is a quiet area with a gently climb. The view of 14ers to the east is worth the climb.
Memories of Favorite Gear
My favorite gear is gear that gets used and replaced. Gear the gently wears out because you use it. These include my hiking-climbing boots and the Micro Spikes that attach to these boots providing my feet with comfortable secure traction. Replace the boots regularly for the comfort for your feet.
Memories of Worst Gear Failure
Best failure I've had is poor fitting boots. The older boots needed to be "broken in". These old boots were heavy and made of stiff leather. And they could be not as warm. Today's boots are lighter, warmer and fit great from the start. Most other failures just seems to be when I forget something.