Glen Law Photo Member #: 78
Member Year: 1996
Glen Law
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Glenn was a member of the Southern Colorado chapter of the National Association of Purchasing Management, and served as Chapter President from 1980 until 1982. He served as a Board member of the Wasson High School Band Association 1988-89.
Occupation Summary
Glenn Law was employed by City of Colorado Springs from 1971 to 2001. He worked in Purchasing and Contracts office his entire career. He served as Procurement and Contracts Manager for 18 years until his retirement in 2001
AdAmAn Service
Assisted Jim Bates with Club Historical activities Guest Climber 1991-1996 New Member 1996
Girls softball coach, Colorado Springs Parks & Recreation, 1985-88. Member of several Colorado Springs Bowling Association leagues 1990-2000 Camping in Colorado mountains
Climbing Experience Summary
Glenn climbed several Colorado Fourteeners both summer and winter. Glenn climbed Pikes Peak more than 50 times, both east face and west face ascents. Assisted several times with Pikes Peak Challenge participants in helping folks with closed head injuries complete the ascent in late summer


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Occupation Detail
I was the Manager of the City's Procurement and Contracts Department. This involved all the acquisition of supplies, equipment, contracts, and bids for construction projects for all City departments as well as all departments of Colorado Springs Utilities. I was familiar with all department heads and managers. I was especially fond of the staff and management of the Pikes Peak Highway. The equipment and unique job tasks associated with this enterprise were of tremendous interest to me. 
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Memories From First Climb
My first climb was a guest in 1991. I got a call on December 29th that one of the guests had become ill and I was next in line. So not much prep time. I was so excited to be part of this legendary group. There was too much ice on Barr Trail first morning so we climbed Cog Railway tracks to Mountain View and then crossed over to Barr Trail. 

Second day was icy and cold, but we made it to summit about 3:00 PM.  I stayed close to Ken Geddes both days and he mentored me through my first experience as a guest climber.

Memories From First Member Year

I was so excited to be leading the Club on this climb. Weather first day was so warm that many of us were in shorts to Barr Camp. 

Second day was not bad weather and not much ice on the trail. I was moving too fast as the lead climber so they had to put Ed Kirches in behind me to slow down my pace. I was so proud that we all finished together in mid afternoon. 

It was a thrilling experience to be now member and I thank all the Club members for making me feel welcome. 

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