Phil Pierce Photo Member #: 75
Member Year: 1993
Phil Pierce
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My career has largely served me as more a community engagement than a working career per se. Working with incarcerated people to help them onto a path of success has been fulfilling.
Occupation Summary
Phil was an English teacher in the US Peace Corps in South Korea - 1973 - 1975. He worked in the retail grocery business including King Soopers and two natural foods stores: 1976 - 1994. He created and directed the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Gateway Through the Rockies program for inmates of the county jail: 1995 - 2000. He served as Director of Adult programs at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center: 2001 - 2011. He worked at ComCor as a Vocational Specialist: 2013 - 2015 Phil retired in 2015
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Served as Club Treasurer
Mainly active sports: skiing, hiking, bicycling, some boating, tennis, pickelball.
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Climbed 25 Colorado 14ers.


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See career details above.
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Post college, I was unsure what career to pursue, so I spent two years in the US Peace Corps in South Korea as an English teacher, originally assigned to a middle school in Daegu, later serving as a regional English as a Second Language instructor for Korean English teachers. Upon returning to Colorado, I went to work for King Soopers and made my way to service department management and regional training positions.  After 15 years, I determined to move into a public service career, so I returned to school, at UCCS, and gained a Masters degree in public administration.  In 1997 I was awarded the honor of "Graduate Student of the Year"  by the UCCS School of Public Affairs upon my graduation.  I then went directly to work for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office creating a stand alone jobs-based transitional program for inmates of the county jail called Gateway Through the Rockies in an effort to mitigate the conditions that often result in recidivism and reincarceration.  I directed the Gateway Program for 5 years before moving on to the Pikes Peak Workforce Center where I became director of Adult Programs and oversaw federal training grants for underemployed and laid off workers.  I ultimately concluded my working years by serving as a Vocational Specialist for transitioning inmates at ComCor, a halfway house in Colorado Springs, and retiring in 2015.  

In summary, I like to say that I became career and vocational counselor largely because I was so unsure of my own career direction that I determined to tell others what they should do!  It was a rewarding path, serving incarcerated and otherwise needy individuals in the Colorado Springs region.

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I first climbed with the AdAmAn club to experience it with my father, Al Pierce, member # 

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I inherited the responsibility of carrying a sacred AdAmAn toilet plunger from my member predecessor Phil Stafford.  Somewhere along the line I lost that sacred plunger and I will forever have to live with that shame.
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