Rick Trojanovich Photo Member #: 73
Member Year: 1991
Rick Trojanovich
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Colorado trail foundation, United way, Habitat for humanity, share and care
Occupation Summary
Insurance agent (CO-owner) 14 yr Commercial Drywall contractor 6 yrs Accountant/ purchasing at Boddington Lumber 6 yrs Flower shop owner 4 yrs Commercial garment embroidery 13yrs Currently retired
AdAmAn Service
Served as Secretary/Treasurer for several years
Camping, hiking (including backpacking) fishing, cycling, back in the day long distance running, bird watching, pottery, pickleball
Climbing Experience Summary
Climbed 25+ 14ers, including Pikes Peak over 35 times, 30 of which with the club. Climbed many 12-13,000ft peaks and hiked (backpacked) to many high alpine lakes.


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail
Rick spent many summers building and maintaining trails as a volunteer with the Colorado Trail Foundation. Through the local United Way, Rick prepared tax returns for elderly and low income families. Also through United Way he worked several food distribution programs with the local Care and Share. Rick has worked on a couple of local homes being built by Habitat for Humanity. Rick has also participated and volunteered several charity runs and walks over the many years.
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Memories From First Climb
Having grown up in the Springs, I was always fascinated with the AdAmAn club. When I learned how to apply as a guest my goal was to climb with the club just once to check it off my list. Of course, without a sponsor, I didn’t make the cut but was put on the alternate list and to my surprise was called on the 29th. It was a fabulous experience and I checked it off my list then the next year I got an application automatically so figured what the heck, applied again and the rest is history.
Memories From First Member Year
I didn’t make member until my eleventh climb so I got to observe many new members and it always seemed we would get strung out as we got closer the the summit and would finish in two or three waves, so I was very proud that I was able to bring all of us to the summit in one large group. I also chose to lead the club up the cog the first day rather than the traditional Barr Trail route.
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