Chuck Bowles Photo Member #: 71
Member Year: 1989
Chuck Bowles
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Chuck spent 5+ years on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Springs Better Business Bureau and Volunteer Business Consultant in the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center.
Occupation Summary
In addition to 2 years in the U.S. Army, Chuck spent 22 years in the medical field as a laboratory tech and moved up to higher level executive positions of multiple medical organizations. In addition, he spent 21+ years as a Professor in Business before retirement in 2010 including retiring as Department Chair for Pikes Peak Community and an Adjunct Professor for Regis University.
AdAmAn Service
My wife, Cindy Bowles, also a member of AdAmAn, and I have both worked on some trail maintenance projects on several occasions.
Hiking, climbing, biking, and exploring the mountains of Washington State, Oregon, Northern California in addition to Germany and Austria.
Climbing Experience Summary
Chuck has summited Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helen's (4 years to the day before it blew up). In addition, to the the Zugspitz in Germany and the Gross Glockner in Austria.


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail
Chuck, worked 15 years as a Volunteer Business Consultant for the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center.
Occupation Detail

1966- 1968 American Red Cross Volunteer USAF Hospital Wilford Hall San Antonio, TX

1970- 1972 U.S. Army- Combat Medic, Laboratory, Spec 5

1972- 1977 Laboratory Tech, St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma, WA

1977- 1980, Assistant Director, Executive Director Colorado Springs Medical Center

1982 -1984 Executive Director, Laboratory of Clinical Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD

1985- 1988- Business Broker Colorado Springs, CO 

1989- 2010 Professor/Dept. Chair Business and Real Estate, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO

1990 -2010 Adjunct Business Professor, Regis University, Colorado Springs, CO

Climbing Experience Detail
I have summited Pikes Peak with AdAmAn 35 times starting in 1978.    In addition, I have done the Peak Marathon 6 times, guided 2 church groups, a Regis University group, 2 head injury groups, 2 times with my son Justin and his friend Shaun, a small group starting from the Crags and 5 groups on behalf of Pikes Peak Community College,  Thus, I have summited a total of 104 14'ers in Colorado.  The following list is of those I have completed within Colorado.


Long's Peak 8/1/93

Mt. Evans 7/5/9, 9/29/91 (Video for the most 14'ers in 24 hours), 8/22/93

Mt. Bierstadt 7/5/91, 9/28/91, 8/22/93

Torrey's Peak 9/4/92

Grays Peak 9/4/92

Pikes Peak 10/1/77, 35 climbs with AdAmAn


Quandary 8/1/91, 7/11/93


Mt. Lincoln 7/4/91, 9/12/93

Mt. Bross 7/4/91, 9/12/93

Mt. Democrat 7/4/91, 9/12/93

Mt. Sherman 8/1/91, 8/1/92, 6/28/18 (midnight climb)


Mt. of the Holy Cross 7/3/94

Mt. Massive 7/22/93

Mt. Elbert 7/15/92

La Plata 8/2/91, 9/17/93

Mt. Oxford 9/28/91, 8/12/95

Mt. Belford 9/28/91, 8/12/95

Missouri Mountain 8/13/94

Huron Peak 8/15/93

Mt. Harvard 7/30/94

Mt. Columbia 8/27/94

Mt. Yale 7/18/93

Mt. Princeton 9/27/92, 6/26/13

Mt. Antero 7/3/92, 8/1/13

Mt. Tabeguache 7/2/92, 7/10/96

Mt. Shavano 7/2/92, 7/12/12




Kit Carson 7/16/94


San Luis Peak 7/25/98

Handies Peak 6/24/12







Memories From First Climb
My first climb was a fluke. I had submitted my application to climb with club 1978-1979.

By Dec. 26th I had not heard from the club but I wanted to see what I had in me.  Therefore, I decided to hike to Barr Camp which was deserted.  After I got into the cabin, I heated up my lunch which consisted of soup and a sandwich.  As I was packing to go back down the front door of the cabin flung open and 2 individuals came in with about 6 inches of fresh snow on top of them and their gear.

They proceeded to eat their lunch and I gave them so of my leftovers.  The older of the 2 asked me, "Are you up here by yourself and why?'  I indicated I had sent an application to the AdAmAn Club but had not heard from them.  I wanted to see if I had it in me in case I got the call.  The older of the 2 said, "My name is Ken Geddes and this young fellow with me is Jeff Williams- my son-in-law."  He continued, "I am President of AdAmAn and I don't recall seeing your application."

They had come up to clear the snow that accumulates in the cabin during the off-season when there are no caretakers in the cabin.  I shrugged my shoulders convinced my application had gotten lost in the mail.  I started out the door and he asked me where I worked and I told him the Colorado Springs Medical Center.

My boss at the time was Keith Ketelsen and when I got in to work the next day I told him of my encounter with Ken and Jeff.  Shortly afterward my phone rang.  Ken had tracked me down and said, "Hi, I see you must have made it down OK?"  I answered I had.  Ken responded,  "Will we figured anybody dumb as you are should probably be invited without completing the proper application.  You'll have to meet the club for our pre-climb meeting on the 29th."

I was ecstatic and raced around town over the next couple of days to get some equipment I needed.  Showed up at the meeting on the 29th and walked right into then Governor Richard Lamm who was also climbing with us.  I was stunned and began to worry what I had gotten myself into.

Memories From First Member Year
On my "New Member Year" (1989) I came down with a severe case of the flu.  I drove to the traditional send-off breakfast with the intention of giving the register book to another member to take it for the necessary signatures from climbers.  My drive to the breakfast was so bad I had to prop my chin on my steering wheel.

I got so swept up in the "send-off at trailhead" the next thing I knew I was on the trail.  I told Dr. Bob Stafford if I went down I would turn around.  By the time we reached Barr Camp I was feeling fine and was counting my lucky stars.

Memories of Family
We have 2 grandsons that always come to trailhead because they love getting into the Manitou Springs fire truck Dave Hunting has always made sure was there.
Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners
I would have to say Ken Geddes, Al Pierce, Ed Kirches, Bruce Sommers, and Bob Stafford were instrumental in getting me involved with the club.
Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
All of the Colorado 14'ers are my favorites.
Memories of Favorite Gear
A beat up old red felt hat tied to my head by a rope to prevent it from flying away.
Memories of Worst Gear Failure