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Member Year: 1983
Bill Lindeman
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Communities change with the circumstances. In my case relocating to Illinois for employment nearly ended my association with most Colorado-things, and later starting my own company put an end to most truly discretionary time. The result has been separation from almost every aspect of our Life in the Springs, and deep involvement in my clients" community instead.
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Architect/Health Care Facility Consultant/Mediare Life Safety Code surveyor of ambulatory survgery facilities.
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Mostly a thing of the past; but hopefully to be renewed upon my professional retirement. In my younger years I embraced and enjoyed wood-working, photography, and fixing anything I could with my own hands. My intent is to "bring all those back," to the best of by abilities; but with more tools!
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When career needs & options separated my family from the Colorado surroundings, I drifted away from the AdAmAn club, though not completely due to both brothers and my father remaining active members and climbers.

With the founding of my consulting company, it effectively took over my time 24/7/365 and my non-business activities centered on supporting my client principal base -- mainly, the ambulatory health care field.  I've been published in numerous business and medical journals, spoken at 100+ medical organization meetings, contributed to the development of health care facility and accreditation standards, and more.

On the home front (Tucson, AZ) my wife and I remain supporters of various charitable organizations.

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Specializing in Clinical and Outpatient health care facility planning and regulatory compliance, since 1983.  Owner and 100% of staff WEL Designs PLC (AZ professional limited liability company).
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