Ken Geddes Photo Member #: 56
Member Year: 1974
Ken Geddes
Bio Summary
Community Activity Summary
Ken was very active with the El Paso County Bar Association, and he did hold offices, he was also very active with the El Paso County Rebublican Party, again holding various offices. He was very active with Grace Episcopal Ckhurch and served on the Vestry for many years.
Occupation Summary
He passed Colorado Bar in January 1949, moved to Iowa, passed Iowa Bar Exam in March 1949 and went to work with his Uncle, William Peters in Ft. Dodge. He moved back to Colorado Springs in 1951 and went into practice with Thomas Burgess. He had been practicing law in Colorado Springs until 1999.
AdAmAn Service
Running, hiking and the history of the Cripple Creek Mining district.
Climbing Experience Summary
Ken climbed with the club for several years as a guest and later was added as a member, he had a total of 17 climbs.


Bio Detail
Community Activity Detail
Kenneth Geddes was managing and senior partner in several law firms specializing in corporate and probate law. He was very sussessful and over many years, earned a very excellent and prestigious reputation in the legal community. 
Occupation Detail
Climbing Experience Detail


Memories From First Climb
My memory of my first climb was that I was so excited to be able to go along with this great group of climbers. Some were very close friends and I was able to meet many new friends along the climb. 
Memories From First Member Year
My thoughts of my New Member Year was how happy I was to get that climb under my belt and how glad I was not to lose the book. I remember how I felt when I arrived safely at home and that I just had to warm up. In a few days, I started to plan for the next year and the upcomig climb. I was soon ready to get prepared to climb again!   
Memories of Family
Glad to have then son in law Jeff Williams climbing with the club.
Favorite Memories from Climbing Fourteeners
I always had very fond memories of close AdAmAn Forebearers such as Al Pierce, Bob Stafford, Bruce Sommers, Ed Kirches and George Lindeman.
Memories from Favorite Mountain Climb
Memories of Favorite Gear
Memories of Worst Gear Failure
I had problems keeping my feet warm, I tried several types of boots and gear to help with this, I even tried the rubber boots but found them uncomfortable especially in the rocky terrain.