Lyman Blakeman Photo Member #: 40
Member Year: 1958
Lyman Blakeman
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Territorial Salesman for Bostitch, Inc. Stapeling equipment
AdAmAn Service
Vice President 1962-63-64-65-66-67-68, Secretary Treasurer 1969-73
Climbing Experience Summary
53 climbs up Pikes Peak


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My home of boy hood was on tobacco farm in Kentucky. We grew most of our food. Had no money, but plenty to eat, and clothes enough to keep warm. Left home at seventeen years. Worked on farms in Illinois and Iowa, for some time. Then worked in Indianapolis Glove Factory for twelve years as leather worker. During years of World War Two was tool and dye maker. Since that time have been traveling salesman.
Climbing Experience Detail
53 climbs up Pikes Peak


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