The AdAmAn 100th Anniversary Campaign

Celebrate the Promise of the New Year with your contribution now to The AdAmAn 100th Anniversary CampaignYour donation will support Enhanced Fireworks in 2022, the creation of a new Documentary Film, a Commemorative Book and new Public Art – all celebrating the centennial of this special Pikes Peak tradition!
  “I grew up in Colorado Springs and every New Year's Eve we couldn't wait to see the fireworks
on Pikes Peak.  It's a wonderful
community tradition!”

- Mayor John Suthers


Your Donation will support the AdAmAn Centennial Fireworks in 2022. The AdAmAn Club will present magnificent fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2022 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the club. This amazing display promises to be a memorable event!

Public Art!

Supporters of the AdAmAn Club are working with local artists to develop a public art project for Colorado Springs. This project will celebrate our community’s connection to Pikes Peak and the spirit of adventure that drives our heritage. The project will be an exciting addition to the growing regional art scene.

A New Documentary Film!

Celebrate the history of the AdAmAn Club and its enduring connection to Pikes Peak. Windstar Studios has been working to create a memorable documentary, capturing the climbing experience in exciting detail, including the New Year’s Eve fireworks show. This film is anticipated to be shown at the new Pikes Peak Summit House, which will welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. See a trailer for the new documentary:

100th Anniversary Documentary Trailer

Commemorative Book!

Our region garners international attention with the exploits of the AdAmAn Club. To highlight the special bond between the club and the community, a new 100th Anniversary Book will commemorate the centennial of New Year’s Eve fireworks from the 14,115-foot summit of Pikes Peak.

Securing the Future

Your Donation to The AdAmAn 100th Anniversary Campaign will also support a new AdAmAn Endowment. This is your opportunity to share in the excitement of the AdAmAn Club tradition. For decades only club members and a few friends have funded the annual fireworks. The club has created the AdAmAn Endowment to help pay for the enhanced fireworks shows and to ensure that the club can continue this cherished community tradition we all enjoy for years to come. Every member of the community is invited to join the celebration by donating to the AdAmAn 100th Anniversary Campaign.

Become a Sponsor

Join with us by becoming a Sponsor for these exciting projects.  Sponsors of the Commemorative Book will receive an acknowledgement in the publication. Sponsors of the documentary will be identified in the film.  Sponsors for the Public Art project will be featured in promotional materials for that project.  Sponsors are needed!  

The Club’s goal for The AdAmAn 100th Anniversary Campaign is $525,000 which will fund the fireworks, documentary, book, and public art.

And if you need more Incentives to Give:
Donors in any amount will be identified on the AdAmAn website.

>$100 or more - Donors will receive a digital photo of their name imprinted on an AdAmAn firework shell, with assurance that they will go out with a bang!
$250 or more - Donors will also receive an historic railroad spike, certified to be from the Manitou and Pikes Peak COG Railway (while supplies last).
$500 or more - Donors will also receive a copy of the new AdAmAn book.
$1,000 or more - Donors will also be acknowledged in the new AdAmAn book and documentary.


Contact us
If you have an interest in a particular aspect of the AdAmAn Club's Centennial Celebration please contact the Club to ensure that your gift has the maximum impact both for you or your organization, as well as  for the 100th Anniversary projects. Contact these Club members directly to determine the best way to be involved in the celebration of this extraordinary Pikes Peak region tradition:

Dan Stuart -
Don Sanborn -
Dave Artusi –
The promise of a New Year brings us hope and lifts our spirits.  We need that this year more than ever!
In the Pikes Peak region, the AdAmAn Club has helped us welcome in the New Year for almost 100 years.  Their New Year’s Eve fireworks display from the summit of Pikes Peak is a cherished tradition for all of us.  It is a celebration like nowhere else in the world!

The original climb in 1922 by the “Frozen Five” gave rise to a new organization, the AdAmAn Club (adding one man or woman each year).  The AdAmAn Club is an extraordinary group of mountaineers who climb to the wind-swept, snow-covered summit of Pikes Peak to welcome in the New Year with a spectacular fireworks display visible to the entire Pikes Peak region.

The AdAmAn Club’s perseverance through adversity gives the region a huge morale boost each year. The Club’s efforts are uniquely and indelibly linked to our region’s passion for outdoor adventure and shared love for our stunning, rugged landscape.  With the Club, we celebrate our community’s enduring connection to “America’s Mountain.

You can celebrate the tradition and ensure it lives on!


Lift your spirits by celebrating your community’s spirit! Your gift to the AdAmAn 100th Anniversary Campaign now will help keep the future of this wonderful tradition secure. The AdAmAn Club's Centennial Community Celebration offers opportunities for organizations and individuals to contribute to and share in the promise of the New Year. Your help is needed!

Tax Deductible Donations may be made through the AdAmAn Club’s fiscal sponsor: The Manitou Springs Community Foundation, a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.


Or by check payable to:
Manitou Springs Community Foundation
(indicating “AdAmAn” in the memo line)

And send to:
AdAmAn Club
c/o Ann Nichols
208 Pawnee Ave.
Manitou Springs, CO 80829