Climb Summary

Happy New Year 2006– AdAmAn Style

Members and guests of the Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club lit up the summit of 14,110 foot Pikes Peak with a brilliant fireworks display at midnight on December 31, 2005.

Under clear skies and high winds, our climbing party of 18 members and 12 guests, braved wind chills of –45 degrees to ignite 60 shells and 40 flares. The east face of Pikes Peak was brightly illuminated and we had reports that our show was seen from Denver to Pueblo.

During our 2-day climb, AdAmAn’s newest member, Rev. David Hunting of Manitou Springs, had the hard task of breaking trail over the 13.2 mile Barr Trail. At the end of the first day, our overnight stay at Barr Camp (elevation 10,200 feet) gave the climbing party a chance to get a hot meal and a good night’s sleep.

Rev. Hunting is the 88th member inducted into the AdAmAn Club, a Pikes Peak area tradition since 1922. He has made the trek up Barr Trail nine previous times as a guest, so the climbing party this year was in experienced hands. “I always tell people it’s inspiring to be on the summit of Pikes Peak at midnight”, Hunting said.

Our second day’s climb included the tradition of mirror flashing at the Timberline shelter, and we were pleased to report hundreds of return mirror flashes from all over the Colorado Springs area. Fierce winds and icy conditions prevailed over the final 3 miles of the climb, from timberline at 12,000 feet to the Summit.

Our thanks to the residents of the Pikes Peak Region for your continued support of the Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club. It was again a pleasure to help welcome the New Year from the summit of America’s Mountain, an AdAmAn tradition since 1922!

AdAmAn Picture
AdAmAn Picture

Member Climbers

Boggs, Mike
Bowles, Chuck
Bowles, Cindy
Donley, Jack
Hunting, Dave
Kosley, Dave
Lindeman, Carl
Lindeman, Ted
O'Donnell, Sean
Pierce, Phil
Reeder, Mike
Sanborn, Don
Stafford, Bob
Stafford, Phil
Stafford, Tim
Stuart, Dan
Trojanovich, Rick
Williams, Jeff
New Member

Guest Climbers

Copelin, Mark
Davis, Shannon
Fogleman, Chuck
Lahman, Bill
Miller, Tom
Naughton, Patrick
Nichols, Ann
Renehan, Jeff
Slaughter, Bill
Stafford, Rob
Stuart, Tyler
Szabo, Mark
Wininger, Wally